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Let's dive deep into the heart of who you truly are.


EMERSION is bringing to the surface all that you can be, through authentic Self-expression, deepened Self-awareness, & an empowered Embodiment of Self.


This process will be completely unique to you.

As a coach, healer and space-holder, I work intuitively within a set framework, to actively support the path you are on.

A closer look at the 6-month journey

What to expect from this 1:1 container

Emersion is my signature 1:1 coaching container. Carefully curated to support you and your growth, through a series of activations over a 6 month period of transformation.

Together we unlock the codes of your energetic profiling, and use this ancient wisdom to better understand how to align with the unique cycles of your life.


Moving beyond the constrictions of lower fear based frequencies, and activating the higher codes of loving acceptance, we enter into conversations of the heart. Contemplating where you can show up and lead from, in alignment with your gifts.

This wisdom can be applied to all areas of your life, and regardless of if you enter into this coaching space with the intention of attracting a soul mate relationship, or dream aligned clients, the energetics causing the blocks will remain the same.

Once acknowledged, understood, and lifted, you will see dramatic shifts across all areas of your life. This work is continuously unfolding and this container will serve as the stepping stone needed to reach the next level of your own self-discovery.


Please note that I cannot ethically guarantee that you will experience these shifts within our 6 months together. I do however have complete confidence that the work is being done, and will be felt and seen in divine timing. This is deep healing work, and as such it is not entered into as a quick fix, rather a mutual understanding that we both show up fully for the entirety of the 6 month container. From here the energies of the portal will lead the way.

What's included

1 x orienteering call - to connect, & establish the foundations of our 6 month journey

1 x energetics reading and report - weaving together the ancient archetypes of Human Design, Astrology & The Gene Keys. These insights will be used throughout our sessions


(MONTHS 1-3)

6 x 90 minute calls (bi-weekly via Zoom)

This is where we work intensively through your known blocks

There will also be self-work between calls to support the process


(MONTHS 4-6)

3 X 2HR calls (monthly via Zoom)

This is powerful ongoing support, as you begin to integrate the work established between months 1-3 into all areas of your life. These monthly calls are an opportunity to share your own self-discoveries & breakthroughs, with further support to push through blocks as they arise.




Simply fill out this form and I will be in touch with all the details to confirm your place and available start dates.

Please enter your interest in EMERSION in the message box, with abit about you and what attracts you to this coaching.

Thanks for submitting!

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