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I have always felt somewhat different, and disconnected from the world. It was the discovery of Esoteric Ancient Wisdom that brought me back into resonance with my inner Self, and the role I have to play in this lifetime. From here I fell deeply in love with life, and the full human experience. My shift began to happen in my early twenties, with a profound devotion to this work occurring as I turned 30 in 2019.


Through deeper discovery into the world of energetics - Human Design, The Gene Keys, The Akashic Records, Tarot, Reiki, Astrology, The Chakras, The IChing, Light language, Sound Healing, Crystals, Shamanic Healing, Goddess Archetypes, The Lunar cycle & Menstruation.. to name some of the major players in my life so far - I found a new language that truly spoke to the heart and soul of who I am. 


These teachings have all created profound activations within me, that I now consciously live by. From here I began the path towards my own illumination, one that seemingly get's wilder by the day, whilst simultaneously rooting me into a firm sense of peace and divine guidance. These incredible tools are what keep me grounded, whilst inviting me into deeper states of consciousness. No two days are the same, and as a 5/1 Manifesting Generator (my Human Design Profile & Aura) I am constantly led to explore new systems of thought, and create practical pathways (expressed through my services & offerings) to help others recognise and embody their own unique set of gifts and challenges for this lifetime.

On a personal level I am moving beyond the logical rational thinking of the Masculine, and dropping heavily into the left intuitive knowing of the Feminine. My life is devoted to understanding how we can flow as a collective by attuning more to the ways of The Goddess, and her ancient teachings that were destroyed over 3000 years ago. I am deeply called to work with The Rose, The path of Mary Magdalene, & The dark moon teachings of Lilith. These fascinations influence and encourage what I currently study and bring to light. Collectively - the energy here is all about finding a deeper love and acceptance for ourselves, through understanding and embracing our Shadows. And how this will generate a new way of connecting within Relationship - both to the Self, the Earth, and with others though intimate connection & community. It's all brooding my loves and I have this strong sense that I will not land in my full power until I am in my 50's!!


In the present moment, the lens of my work is focused on integrating cyclic living of The Seasons, The Lunar phases, & The Patterns of Menstruation, with the blueprint of energetics found within Human Design, Gene Keys & Astrology. I celebrate the noticeable patterns found in all the varying Archetypes, and infuse these to create beautiful fields of contemplation, rather than rigid answers which feel limiting and disempowering. I then encourage you to find your own ways of integrating & embodying these discoveries within your day-to-day life.


It is my belief that humanity as we know it, is collectively experiencing this shift from a very strict Masculine rulebook of Self, into the curiosity and playful ways of the Feminine, unlocking deeper codes that intuitively know we are all designed for so much more than we've been told to believe. By reading this far, i'm sure you are already looking for answers, and my role is now to introduce the right questions that might lead you closer towards them.

My role is interwoven as both a coach and healer. In essence I am here to support you on your own journey of Self-discovery. To share tools that I believe carry unique codes of light, and insight that can help us break free of the constraints of The Patriarchy - the modern restriction felt, particularly as women and minorities, living in the Western World. I am here to encourage you to think beyond the current paradigm, and embalm you in a healing frequency that allows you to dig deeper than you might tap into of your own accord.

In the language of Gene Keys, my Life's work carries the 25th Gift of Acceptance. I draw you in to hold up a mirror, with the potential to accept and love yourself exactly as you are. This is deep healing work, and I am committed to creating safe spaces for people to fully embrace their full Self, and everything that comes with that deep inner transformation. 

I now extend the invitation for you to meet me here. Let's embark on your soul-journey side by side.

Love always

Lucy xx
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